Japanese taiko group Masa-Daiko

09 – 11 of May Taiko Workshop in Bredbeck for beginners

Aesthetic movement, archaic sound, perfect concentration and tension, this is the philosophy and art of the Japanese one
Trommelns. The big, barrel-shaped drums are hit with two floors (Bachi) and at the risk of the whole body. Besides, the elegant, far sounding movements connect the musicians for a powerful dance.
The Taiko is for over 1500 years of component of the Japanese culture and till this day a living part of the Japanese music.
Masakazu Nishimine is the only Japanese professional drummer in Europe. Beside his concert appearances he informs
Japanese drums in Bremen and gives Workshops in Germany and Italy.
From the amusing kind of the Japanese drums many people in the whole world can be inspired.

Date: 09th-11th of May, 2014

Place: Conference house Bredbeck

Costs: per participant 210.00€ incl. overnight stay and catering.